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Do you remember your prom night? The jewelry and dresses your friends wore, and the dazzling smiles flashing around the room like diamonds? A prom is the perfect time to make memories and take pics of your favorite crowd enjoying themselves over a round of drinks one last time before enrolling in college and going their separate ways. To minimize photo editing hassle, join EyeEm today and access a wide range of image processing tools, such as over 20 innovative filters and effects. On top of that, EyeEm is a platform that will facilitate photo sharing because everyone can view your posts, appreciate your photography, and be inspired by your mastery in the visual arts.

With over 15 million users worldwide, EyeEm is the perfect place to start building your photography career: posting is super-simple, editing tools are easy-to-use, and the community is large enough for each of your masterpieces to get proper exposure and admiration. Be the king of the prom night, but do not stop there: bring your photos up a notch and claim the bragging right as king of the camera too!

The EyeEm collection contains over 60 million photos, each of them characterized by a unique personal touch, and additionally enhanced to live up to the highest standards in the field. EyeEm stardom is where your prom photos belong, so go ahead and sign up now: your prom pics should not lie around in the attic - they deserve exposure just like everyone else's photography work.