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Here at EyeEm, we love challenging perspectives and pushing the boundaries, and we’ve seen how turning your lens away from the main event and focusing on the person with the camera in their hand can produce amazing results. Whether it’s a self-portrait in a broken mirror or a snap of the hoards of paparazzi at a red carpet event, photographer images offer an insight into life behind the camera. Redefine your perception of the photographer and take a second look at the art of photography, only with EyeEm!

With their face obscured by a huge DSLR, or hidden behind the screen of their smartphone, photographers may not be the most obvious object of focus. Concentrating intensely on the object through their viewfinder as the world passes by around them, or snapping away spontaneously as they joke around with friends, photographer images are candid and honest, capturing the artist in action. Browse EyeEm’s unparalleled collection of photographer pictures and give your project a creative boost.

Whether its a photographer capturing their feet on a glass-bottomed platform, high above the sea or the city, or they’re caught off-guard by the click of the shutter, photographer photos snap the unbelievable and the unexpected. EyeEm’s online collection of original and creative photography is enriched daily by our global community of young and enthusiastic photographers, and getting your hands on a unique image for your own project is easier than you may think.

Not only are our photographer pics affordable and creative, but our licensing agreements make ordering and using your chosen image easier than ever before, so your website, print editorial, or social media presence will never have looked so good! Catch your audience off-guard with attention-grabbing photographer pictures from EyeEm, guaranteed to inspire and empower both you and them!