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EyeEm Struts Like a Peacock

Peacocks strut and pose for all those who care to admire them or snap pics of their fascinating feathers, and if you are a photographer with a penchant for vivid colors and natural elegance, look no further than EyeEm image stock. With over 60 million pictures submitted by satisfied users from around the globe, EyeEm is the best place to share your camera work or seek inspiration from visual masterpieces posted by other community members.

Our photography-oriented platform aims to provide proper exposure for the work of every photographer seeking an appreciative audience. With the help of a number of innovative filters and effects, you can achieve whatever look you want before you go on to share your take on the wonders of nature with the rest of the community. And if you want a proof that your photography skills truly shine, you can also take part in EyeEm's photography contests and win spectacular prizes.

With EyeEm, even the dullest colors can look amazing; browse through our image collection for inspiration and contribute your own representations of wildlife at its finest. And if you don’t know where to go looking for models, try peacocks – these feathery eye-candies just love to be filmed and promoted online!

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