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View EyeEm's collection of patriotic motifs captured on film

Love for homeland is a quality to be admired and encouraged: here at EyeEm, we feature the finest stock of patriotic motifs, all enhanced with the help of unique visual tools such as our 24 different filters and special effects. Transfer the notes of the national anthem from tape to screen with EyeEm – we would love to see your take on patriotism and your love for your homeland.

A community of over 15 million users around the world, EyeEm lets you experiment with form, contrasts, modes and colors to create your own expression on film. Our users can access a wide range of categories organized according to the subject matter, and you can contribute your own images if you wish your work to gain greater exposure and admiration. For our members who want to compete, we regularly organize contests with handsome prizes – all you have to do is submit your image and keep your fingers crossed!

Life shines at its brightest with EyeEm: we love both our land and our neighbors, and we want to share our love with everyone. Go ahead and sign up for membership today: we promise you will love our stock!