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EyeEm's photography masterpieces on your palm

If you are a lover of laid-back summer afternoons and vacations in tropical destinations, you will definitely love our palm tree shades at EyeEm. Our photography community brings together over 15 million camera lovers from around the world, and we wish to share our works with everyone who wants to view them. If you want to enhance your works before you post them, you can edit them with the help of the 24 cool filters and special effects featured on our platform until you achieve a true visual masterpiece.

Shy photographers who prefer browsing through the works of others instead of going public with their own shots can access all our stock royalty-free. In case you wish to include some of the pics from our collections in your website design or PowerPoint presentation, you can easily do that too without the hassle of copyright issues. If, however, you decide that your work is excellent and cannot get any better, you can take part in our contests and get a chance to win a prize – and greater exposure before an appreciative audience, too. As an award-winning photographer, you will be able to sit back in the shade of a palm tree and wait for major brands to contact you for collaboration on visual projects.

Superior photography is about experimenting with colors, contrasts, modes and angles, and if you like playing with visual elements, EyeEm has all the tools you will need to produce stunning images of just about any subject matter you can think of.