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Although sometimes they might seem a bit daunting, owls are actually quite fascinating creatures. This spirit animal is known to many as a symbol of transition and great change. Whether you wish to display its majestic appearance or emphasise the power that shines right from its eyes, EyeEm has you covered. Our enviable collection consists of photographs from millions of young talented artists, so you are bound to find precisely what you are looking for.

Owls have the power to evoke strong emotional responses in people, making them both fear and admire this magical creature of the night. Whatever reaction you are aiming for, EyeEm has a magnificent collection of owl photos available for you to use. We are a community and marketplace for real photography, so you can definitely put your trust in us when preparing your next project. No other platform will provide you with such an enviably wide array of owl photographs that depict both this animal’s dark and magical sides.

EyeEm is definitely the most respected marketplace for all those creative souls looking for the highest quality photographs. What we pride ourselves most on is our simple and royalty free licensing that allows you to use owl images in a range of commercial as well as editorial applications.