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Chasing the octopus: EyeEm's take on marine life

Have you ever seen an octopus up close? If you have, you probably remember how impressive these underwater creatures can be – and if you have never seen an tentacled monster up until this point, you can get a pretty good idea of how they look and behave from the pictures featured on EyeEm. In our community, we value daring photographers who go after octopuses armed with their water-resistant cameras alone – and we look forward to every new visual item portraying octopuses and other sea creatures in their natural habitat.

With over 15 million satisfied users around the globe, EyeEm is a fast-growing photography platform which aims to help amateur and established photographers gain additional exposure online and showcase their best pictures before their peers. To help our members create photos they would proudly display anywhere, anytime, our platform features 24 cool filters and visual effects which will help you enhance your octopus images and experiment with colors, modes and contrasts.

In the event you want to see how your octopus pics rank in the crowd, you can enter our annual contests and get an opportunity to gain fresh scores of admirers, international fame and some cool prizes. With EyeEm as your photography engine, the world can be your oyster – or at least an octopus, if you like those better.