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Then and now: Native American life in pictures

Known for their bravery, dignity and stoicism, Native Americans still remain something of a mystery to many people. The lives of America's indigenous population, along with their traditions and crafts, still continue to impress and ignite the imagination of millions. Here on EyeEm, you can find top-of-the-crop photographs of American Indian culture, handicrafts and traditional costumes submitted by our users around the globe. Inspiration springs endless in the Wild West: Native Americans and cowboys are just some of the cool categories featured on our platform.

With EyeEm’s 24 special filters and visual effects, you can enhance your Native American-themed pictures before you go on to post them online. If you just want to look and not share, that is okay with us too: with EyeEm membership, you get royalty-free access to over 60 million pictures organized into searchable categories so you do not have the hassle of copyright in case you decide to print out some of the images hosted in our community or use the pics as website illustrations.

If you want to take a shortcut to fame in the photography world, you can do that with EyeEm, too: take part in our annual competitions and win some of our handsome prizes in addition to the title of award-winning photographer. Experience photography at its finest and go back to the time of Indians and cowboys with EyeEm: we are sure you will love the visual journey into the past!