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Explore the Playful Intelligence of Monkey Images

Capturing the mischievous charm and fascinating behavior of primates in their natural habitats, monkey pictures offer a unique insight into the lives of these highly intelligent creatures. From their incredibly human-like expressions and and distinct characters to swinging from branches and foraging for food, monkey images show just how amazingly photogenic the animal kingdom can be. Whether or not you know a tamarin from a mandrill from a gibbon, browse monkey photos from EyeEm for the answer to your brand’s creative needs!

Snapping the perfect monkey picture requires patience, expertise, and a steady hand - needless to say, it’s no mean feat! Thankfully, young monkey-loving photographers from around the world have the skills and timing to take unbelieveable snapshots of the animals’ clumsy quick-wittedness. Using EyeEm’s Open Edit software to give their pieces the finishing touches, they then share them with the world using our app, and we are extremely proud of the monkey photo collection we’re building!

Pictures of monkeys have long been significant and symbolic for cultures around the world, whether it’s as creatures of worship, popular cartoon characters, or as a sign of the zodiac - but you needn’t wait until the next year of the monkey to get your hands on monkey pictures! Our curated collection of monkey images is yours to peruse for inspiration, and when you find that perfect shot, getting your hands on it couldn’t be easier! In fact, intelligent search algorithms, straightforward licensing agreements and royalty-free access make browsing and ordering your chosen monkey photo a stress-free experience!

For print editorial pieces to web ad campaigns, record covers to TV features, monkey images fit the bill - go bananas and join the EyeEm community today!