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If you think math is boring, you are wrong: any school subject can be engaging if you have the right approach to it. With EyeEm as your math assistant, life gets much easier, so do not wait for an F to pop up on your test: we have the world's coolest and funniest math-themed images, and you can contribute your own photos if you care to share your passion for the subject.

Math and the visual arts have a lot in common, in fact: both draw on numbers and proportions, and both have been around for centuries. Even if you do not love math, you have to admit it is a useful tool for everyday life, just like photography. In EyeEm's 15-million-strong (and counting) community, you will easily find both math geniuses and math haters – but here, they can both compete and get a chance to win cool prizes, when you combine exceptional visual mastery and proper use of our editing tools.

Post your math images or see the work of other community members; with our platform as your go-to photography helper, you can start gearing up toward a cameraman career!

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