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Where passion and elegance meet: Magnolia, one of EyeEm's favorite flowers

Magnolias are the best embodiment of Mother Nature's love of opposites: elegant passion is the best description for these delicate flowers. Capable of surviving extremely low temperatures and still popping out in splashes of color come springtime, magnolias look their most stunning on EyeEm – and if you share the love for this beautiful flower, you can contribute to our growing picture collection with your images. But why stop at magnolias? We’re also ready for your images of any other flowers and wildlife, as well as urban and natural scenery.

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Easy access to premium photography is a given with EyeEm: our collection of memorable flower-inspired photos will both motivate and enchant you, so sign up as soon as possible, upload your magnolia images or start picking pictures of flowers for your private stock!