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Sleepy head | This one's for Bec @bexkin ;) Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits
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Take Pride in Your Project with Lion Pictures

Images of lions have been an important symbol in human expression for thousands of years. While the term “king of the jungle” might be a misnomer since the majority live in open savannas, it’s no coincidence that lions have signified kingship for millennia. Because of this, the lion is a universal symbol deeply embedded in human culture. Nowadays the majesty of these creatures is captured through the lens. At EyeEm Market you can find original lion stock photos by our international community of mobile photographers.

Although lions are some of the most documented creatures on the planet, it can be difficult to get up close and personal to capture that perfect shot. The talented lion photographers at EyeEm are our pride. Thanks to them, we’ve got the lion’s share of striking big cat photography from around the globe. From fierce battles to feeding time – our photographers go in for the kill to bring you the most exciting pictures of lions on the market.

At EyeEm we won’t throw you to the lions with hidden fees. Our transparent licensing makes acquiring original lion photos for your creative project simple, while our easy to understand licensing agreements are sure to have the option that suits you - whether you’re looking for print, digital or web ads. Plus, all of our pictures of lions are royalty-free.

With EyeEm’s community based platform you can find unique lion images that you won’t find anywhere else - straight from the savannas to your screen. What’s more, because EyeEm is a live community, you can engage with our photographers and launch an EyeEm Mission to capture the perfect lion pictures. You can even pick the winner yourself! So come and see what EyeEm Market can do for you today.