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Explore EyeEm’s Scattering of Light Images

Light makes great photography and learning to work with light is the key to becoming an amazing photographer. Although it’s a crucial element of every single photo on EyeEm Market, light photography makes it the focal point of the frame and puts our highly talented light photographers to the test! From fireworks lighting up a night sky to atmospheric street lighting, the flicker of a single candle flame to a string of decorative fairy lights, EyeEm’s got the light image to make your project shine!

Whether it’s the dazzling neon lights of Las Vegas, the light trails of cars shot on long exposure, or a silhouetted figure breaking up rays of sunlight, EyeEm’s has a scattering of light images edgier and crazier than you’ll find elsewhere. Thanks to our pool of emerging light photographers sharing their amazing work using our EyeEm app from every corner of the world, our collection is ever-changing. Flick the switch on your brand or project’s visuals and let the creativity flood in with light photography from EyeEm!

If your search for cool stock photography isn’t quite going to plan, let EyeEm be the light at the end of your tunnel! You can be sure that our curated photo albums contain the internet’s coolest stack of light images and, thanks to our powerful Open Edit software, uniqueness is a given.

What’s more, ordering one of our crazy light pictures couldn’t be easier, and will give your brand a vibrant new look at the speed of light! Get your hands on unbelievable images of light from young and enthusiastic photographers come sunlight or moonlight, and join a long list of designers, developers and entrepreneurs who’ve made light work of their brand’s creative needs with help from EyeEm.