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Take a Leaf out of Our Book with Pictures of Leaves

From the deep hue of trees in the fall to the luck of a four-leaf clover, pockets of sunlight in the green forest to the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, EyeEm’s thriving collection of freshly-snapped leaf images is bursting with life, color, light and texture. For healthy green visuals for your own branding or marketing campaign, take a leaf out of our book and browse highly creative stock photography and pictures of leaves by green-fingered photographers, showing the world just how artistic their insights are.

Leaf images are a powerful symbol of life and health, but cultivating their beauty takes skill and experience. Thankfully, EyeEm’s budding community of highly talented nature-loving photographers are editing pictures of leaves using our magical Open Edit software and uploading them to our app on the daily. Together, we’re compiling the internet’s greenest collection of royalty-free leaf pictures for you to browse for inspiration and order for your own use. If your brand’s visuals are holding you back, turn over a new leaf and get your hands on images of leaves from EyeEm.

If you’re a passionate gardener, a nature lover, or you don’t know the first thing about horticulture, you can rest assured that EyeEm Market is cultivating the perfect leaf image for your brand’s creative needs. Whether you’re planting something new and launching a fresh venture, or your existing promotional material is in need of deadheading, pictures of leaves will set your project apart from the rest.

Beautiful throughout their lifecycle, whether blooming or brittle, our leaf images are the perfect addition at any stage of your project’s lifecycle - explore unbelievable stock photography at EyeEm today!