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A hotel picture encapsulates the luxury and leisure of vacation. Whether it is a quaint little villa of cottages in a snowy countryside or a gorgeous beachfront hotel surrounded by crystal-clear blue water and palm trees, a hotel image conveys comfort and class.

Images of hotels can also represent that ‘home away from home’ or the base camp for some of your best travel memories. When you plan a Caribbean trip for your honeymoon or that trip to Disneyland with the kids, you look at pictures of hotels before you do anything else. The hotel becomes the basis for imagining your whole vacation. So, a memorable trip starts with an unforgettable hotel pic.

Once the fun in the sun, or snow, is done, amidst your fondest recollections and nicest photos of your trip will be photos of hotel gardens and swimming pools, your rooms with turned-down sheets, and the hotel restaurant — all of the practical amenities that made your trip especially enjoyable.

Like the mint on your pillow, our Licensing Agreement at EyeEm is refreshingly simple and transparent. What’s more, regardless of what hotel images you are looking for, all of the photos on EyeEm Market are royalty-free. Also, our pricing system is straightforward, with no hidden fees or other surprises. So go ahead and enjoy your time with us perusing hotel photos from every possible destination around the world, and please come again to EyeEm Market.