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Inspiring Pictures of Horses for Your Creative Side are on EyeEm Market, the Largest Source of Authentic, Royalty-Free Images

Nothing says majesty, power and elegance better than horse pictures. These lithe yet awe-inspiring animals have been our companions for centuries. In our curated albums of horse photos, you’ll find intimate photographic portraits that capture this profound relationship. Horse images can transform your projects from the ordinary into metaphors for cozy sweaters and fresh air; visit EyeEm and let your imagination run wild.

Our community of international photographers captures the wind-swept glory of riding across the plains in pictures of horses. You’ll find images of horses shrouded in mist or unbound in the prairies; all rendered in delicate, misty palettes that emphasize the elegance and beauty of horses. When you are searching for a horse picture with pathos, or maybe a horse pic to appeal to a younger audience, then EyeEm Market is the place for you.

There’s no better way to find gorgeous horse pictures than by visiting EyeEm Market. We collect the finest horse photography directly from our community pools. That means you save time shifting through thousands of pictures of horses that don’t meet your aesthetic criteria. Our editors focus on evocative work with a contemporary edge. We believe our collections reflect the high standards of the brands with which we collaborate.

So, when you need horses in images taken by the world’s best & brightest, you’ve struck gold. Our licensing options give you the flexibility to focus on intimate editorials or go global with high-volume international campaigns. What’s more, every horse photo on EyeEm Market is royalty-free, so there are no hidden costs related to the horse picture you want.