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Discover the City where East Meets West with Hong Kong Pictures

Hong Kong has famously been described as “a dream of Manhattan, arising from the South China Sea” and here at EyeEm we couldn’t agree more. From its expansive skyline, with hundreds of skyscrapers, to its famous ‘East meets West’ culture, it’s a state admired and desired all the world over. Capturing the true essence of its densely populated streets, Hong Kong images offer an insight into the crazy high-rise life of natives, expats and backpackers alike, providing unique reflections on a city seen by many but truly known by few.

Whether it’s the lively food scene, with bustling wet markets and world-class restaurants, or the locals crowding around a game of mah jong in the park at sunset, Hong Kong photography tells a thousand different stories from countless perspectives. Find the images of Hong Kong to set your project apart from the rest and give your website, magazine or promotional material the edge. Wherever in the world you may be, from your office desk to the streets of Hong Kong, see stock photos afresh and up your growth potential with EyeEm.

Whether you’re creating eye-catching web ads for a new venture, searching for the perfect accompaniment to a print editorial piece, or in need of an image around which to create a Hong Kong wallpaper, EyeEm’s got the shot you’re looking for. From postcard-worthy snaps of Victoria Harbour’s Symphony of Lights, the world’s largest permanent light and sound show, to candid snaps of life beyond its commercial persona, discover the hidden secrets of Hong Kong with EyeEm’s online platform.

Connect your brand with emerging photographers and source original material, royalty-free and competitively priced, and discover how simple browsing, ordering and using stock photos can be. Whether you know Hong Kong like the back of your hand or you’re yet to step foot in the enigmatic city, EyeEm is the perfect travel photography companion!