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Granny Pictures, Photos and Images

A granny is special. She’s the one who protects us from the Big Bad Wolf, and the woman who lets us sneak candy before dinner time. A granny watches us after school and stays with us when our parents head out of town. But if you try to find a picture that conveys the unconditional love of your granny in just any, old online image search, you’ll come up short. That’s why EyeEm works with a team of expert photographers who can document that love on film. At EyeEm, we’re dedicated to capturing just how special our grannies actually are.

Our photographers aren’t just shooting meaningless staged photos of a granny and her grand children. The EyeEm team looks for that family magic and captures it on film with the skill of true artists. Whether you’re looking for a photo that works for your next web or print project, EyeEm’s portrait photography will help you get a meaningful message across to your audience. Plus, when you choose EyeEm, you know you’re getting more bang for your buck with our royalty-free licensing fees. Didn’t your granny teach you the value of a penny?

As you search through our archive of photos, we feel confident that EyeEm has the perfect image for your project. We love working one-on-one with our customers to individualize their orders, so feel free to contact us with your specifications. Because we work with hundreds of talented photographers, EyeEm can provide you with a series of images tailored just for your needs. How’s that for unconditional? While working with EyeEm might not exactly feel as nice as hugging Grandma, it’s pretty darn close.