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Going gothic isn’t just a trend for teenagers. It’s that feeling you get when you see a creepy castle lit up by a thunderstorm. It’s a kind of book or movie designed to give you thrills and chills with a healthy dash of ominous symbolism. It’s the style of the Notre Dame cathedral, with its intricate stonework and laughing gargoyles. Whatever drove you to EyeEm to look for evidence of the gothic, we think you’ll get your fill thanks to the artistic eye of our professional photographers.

When a regular old image search doesn’t cut it, you can count on EyeEm to provide you with a wide variety of photos that are as gothic as black lipstick and nails. With hundreds of expert photographers on our team, EyeEm is able to deliver high quality images that demonstrate the artistry and care behind each click of the camera. We want to do more than provide you with a picture of Dracula’s spooky castle or England’s wind-swept moors. We want you to look at one of EyeEm’s professional photos and feel the chill of the gothic deep in your bones. With our royalty-free licensing fees, EyeEm is the perfect choice for your next project that needs a little sprinkle of spooky.

As you browse through our extensive image library, we hope you find the image that says “gothic” to you. If you’re in need of help, please contact EyeEm’s team of professional photographers and let us know your exact specifications. Whether you need to go full-on “Scooby and the gang” or you’re looking for something a little more understated, EyeEm can work with you to develop the perfect set of images. With EyeEm in your cobwebbed corner, you can feel confident that you’ll knock ‘em dead.