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Retrieving the gold: EyeEm’s golden retriever collection

As a novice photographer, you probably have your eyes set on the gold, and the best place to start working on your images of life caught in action is in fact your pet. Featuring a host of beautiful golden retriever pictures posted by our avid users who love their canine companions, EyeEm allows you to edit and share your pet-themed work with other community members. You can also take part in competitions and get the chance to expand your exposure from the screen to real-life exhibitions, too!

Featuring 24 different filters and visual effects, EyeEm can get your visual masterpieces a foothold in the photography world and win you plaudits for your creative approach to your subject matter. Take pictures of your golden retriever from every angle you can think of, experiment with different modes and color schemes, and let your personal expression guide you. Or, browse our collection for inspiration before you start posting: the photos featured on our platform can be used royalty-free for websites and PowerPoint presentations so you do not have to worry about copyright issues.

With EyeEm as your reliable photography companion, every photo you decide to contribute will be highly valued, so sign up today and start posting your pet’s pics as soon as possible: you have an audience waiting!

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