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Glass Photos from Brilliant to Broken

Glass images are varied and prismatic: That’s because glass itself has an extraordinary history. Glass was initially produced for its aesthetic appeal and was considered a luxury material, evident in pictures of glass vessels and objects to beads and jewelry from the Mesopotamian era. Although it has evolved for numerous practical purposes, the elegance and allure of glass still shines through in every glass photo on EyeEm Market.

Whether you are looking for a sea of glass images, colorful and rubbed smooth by the current, or the delicate but vibrant panes of an elaborate stained glass window, EyeEm has a wonderful collection of chromatic glass pictures to suit any project.

Once more with sparkle! From photos of glass bottles or cups holding an irresistible drink as beads of condensation adorn their surfaces, making the glass shimmer, to a picture of glass windows and surfaces speckled with rain water; the images of glass on EyeEm Market are as diverse as they are breathtaking.

Our Licensing Agreement at EyeEm is straightforward. That means you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. All of our images are completely royalty-free, so that whichever of our fantastic glass images your search leads you to, you can secure it for your project without hassle. We also believe in transparent pricing, so you will not encounter any hidden fees or surprises on EyeEm Market.