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Film the World of GIraffes with Superior EyeEm Tools

Being a giraffe means living a life of constant struggle: sometimes you are too tall for the challenge and other times you can't stoop low enough to beat your enemies. But either way, you look amazing and humans love to take pics of you from every angle and share them online with other two-legged critters. On EyeEm, you can find a wide range of giraffe-themed images displaying the animal in both its most formidable and its funniest moments – and you can also contribute your own visual materials if you’d like to share your photography masterpieces with the rest of the world.

EyeEm allows over 15 million of its users to edit and post authentic images of giraffes and other wildlife on the popular image-oriented platform. By joining the EyeEm community, you also get access to various special effects and filters which you can use to take your wildlife photography masterpieces to a whole new level and upgrade the looks of your perfectly-timed photos before you share them with the rest of the giraffe-loving crowd.

Giraffes are adorable and seldom lose their temper, but capturing them on camera is still a task for a true professional. If you need an image of a giraffe for a presentation, corporate campaign or website, check out the pictures featured on EyeEm – you will love them!