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Typified by their regular lines and shapes, our collection of geometric pattern photography shows just how these patterns crop up in the most surprising of places. Our community of photographers are capturing the hypnotizing grids of geometry in the craziest location - from street paving to intricate mosaic floors and glass brick walls to spiral staircases, their artistic eyes are helping us to see the built-up world around us in a new light and notice the beautiful in our day-to-day!

With modern fashion, architecture and body art embracing the straight lines and mesmerizing patterns of mathematical shapes, geometric art and pattern photography have never been more on-trend and in-demand! And it’s not only the shapes that are having an alluring effect on design fans, it’s the colors too. EyeEm’s Open Edit software gives our talented users the chance to boost their images and, with sharp contrasts and intricate shading, the results are stunningly eye-catching.

Whether you’re working on upgrading your social media presence with super shareable visuals or your website is in need of a facelift, geometric pattern photography from EyeEm will help grab the attention of new audiences, users and fans, and keep them coming back for more! Our geometric patterns will make the perfect backdrop or a fabulous main focus, so see stock photography afresh and browse our unparalleled collection of curated geometric pictures today!

Thanks to EyeEm’s licensing agreements, it’s never been more straightforward to boost your brand’s awareness with a new creative direction, so join our long list of success stories and get your name out there. Explore hypnotizing geometric pattern photography at EyeEm and get creative!