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A cunning nighttime predator lurking in the dark and one of the most beloved search engine logos across the globe, the fox is a fascinating creature many a photographer wishes to capture on film. In the EyeEm fox image collection, you will find vibrant images of the wild predator captured from a variety of stunning angles and further enhanced with the help of special effects and filters.

Foxes are known for their cleverness and agility – and, as a photography enthusiast, you too will need these qualities if you want to make it to photography’s top tiers. Go after the foxy camera style of your dreams with EyeEm: the place where animals run wild in all their glory! The EyeEm online community is every camera fan's chosen spot for downloading and posting captivating photos of wildlife, foxes included.

With or without Aesop's grapes, the trickster in the reddish fur coat is the preferred subject matter of many a professional photographer and photography enthusiast. In the event you decide to contribute to the EyeEm fox pic collection, you will have an abundance of quality image editing tools at your disposal – all you need to do is sign up for a royalty-free account and start sharing your visual masterpieces with the rest of the world.