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Explore EyeEm’s Images of the Easter Bunny - the World’s Most Popular Hare

Cuddly, cute and soft, bunnies are little bundles of joy and are loved by both kids and adults. Hail the Easter Bunny, the emperor of all rabbithood! Originally found in German holiday traditions only, the Easter Hare has now become a globally recognized symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck. Here at EyeEm, we have a collection of the funniest, most captivating and playful depictions of the jolly holiday hare which you can use on posters, wallpapers, website backgrounds or decorative details.

What sets the EyeEm Easter Bunny collection apart from all others is the creative photography approach and multitude of image processing tools, all of which ensure a unique appeal for every picture you decide to contribute to our stock. With undying passion for photography, lots of intriguing filters and effects, and a number of innovative approaches to the subject matter, the EyeEm stock of Easter Bunny images is a go-to for decorative rabbity elements for your presentations and website designs.

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