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When it comes to photography of the Motor City, you can’t get much better than EyeEm’s pictures of Detroit. Nothing beats that skyline reflecting in the Detroit River! Whether you’d like to evoke the fast-paced industrial era of Henry Ford or the spirit of Motown, EyeEm has an extensive library of images that feature Detroit’s architecture and history. By working with professional photographers who have a first-rate eye, EyeEm has developed an archive of thousands of Detroit photos with the city shining its brightest.

Whether you’re in marketing, communications, or travel, you can count on EyeEm’s spectacular team of photographers to deliver the images that will make your next project stand out in the crowd. Each photographer we work with delivers high-quality photos with a unique point of view on one of the Midwest’s biggest and best cities. What’s more, you never have to worry about how you use or distribute your Detroit photos. All of EyeEm’s photo licenses are royalty-free and ready to use.

We feel pretty confident that once you look through our library of images, you’ll find the picture of Detroit you need to make your next project a success. At EyeEm, we love talking one-on-one with our customers and are ready to customize your order with a little bit of Midwest TLC. Contact EyeEm today and work with our team of professional photographers--no matter what kind of images you’re looking for, we’re happy to go the extra mile. Even if it winds up to be eight miles.