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From Egypt’s pyramids to the hostile Antarctic, EyeEm’s collection of desert pictures is attention-grabbing - capturing the huge open spaces and barren landscape, they offer an insight into a part of the world seen and experienced by very few. If you’re looking to wow your audience with images of some of the world’s most unbelievable spaces, or are just looking to get inspired, EyeEm will help you see through the haze.

Covering a third of the Earth’s land surface and comprising both arid sun-dried expanses and sub-zero cold plains, there’s more to desert photography than you may think. Our community of creative photographers from all over the world are uploading their crazy perspectives to the EyeEm app and sharing unbelievable desert landscapes with the world. From camel rides across the horizon to sand surfing on giant dunes, empty buildings in long-abandoned towns to camouflaged wildlife, give desert images a second look with EyeEm.

Here at EyeEm, we know how traipsing through uninspiring stock images can cause your enthusiasm to dry up. Thankfully, our pool of desert photos is an oasis of creativity and originality! What’s more, they’re yours to use time and time again. Thanks to our straightforward and competitively priced licensing agreements, browsing, ordering and using stock photos has never been easier, so dive right in!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that our diverse collection of inspiring and affordable desert pictures is a mirage! EyeEm Market is here to save you from your stock image search and give your magazine, website, web ads or social media visuals a new lease of life for less than you may think. Prepare yourself for any eventuality with pictures of deserts from EyeEm!