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Eerily Beautiful Dark Images from EyeEm

Dark pictures from EyeEm are the perfect way to give your magazine, website or side-project a mysterious edge, so if you’re scared of the dark then you may want to look away now! Whether it’s the lick of flames from a candle or bonfire contrasted against a dark background, or the moon in the night sky, dark photography is mysteriously fascinating, so let the creativity flood in with help from EyeEm!

There’s no doubt about it, learning to capture dark images in difficult conditions is the ultimate challenge for the inexperienced photographer, and shooting in low-light environments really puts their camerawork to the test! Thankfully, EyeEm has a fanbase of highly talented experts in the field of dark photography and creative in their eye for detail and design. Our powerful Open Edit software enables them to polish their pieces to perfection, editing their dark pictures using our 24 filters and showing the world using the EyeEm app.

If finding dark photography in line with your brand or project’s creative guidelines feels like you’re taking a shot in the dark, rest assured that EyeEm’s collection has the eerily mysterious or stunningly beautiful dark image to complement your mission. We’re helping developers, designers and entrepreneurs like you to rethink stock photography and make achieving your visual goals easier than ever before. With our easy-to-understand licensing agreements that won’t break the bank, it’s no wonder that we’re proving so popular with photographers and young businesses alike!

No matter whether it’s a social media project or a print editorial that you’re working on, or even if you require an edgy dark photo to drive traffic from web ads, you’re guaranteed to find the answer to your brand’s creative needs right here on EyeEm Market.