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From Classic Goblets to Contemporary Mugs: EyeEm Offers an Expansive Selection of Cup Photos

We’ve all used cups at one point in our lives, so there’s no wonder we’ve been able to collect so many cup images for our EyeEm Market. Ornate chalices, China teacups, or large mugs all make up some of the varied cup images you’ll find in our collection. However you want your drinking vessel to look, there’s no doubt one of our amazing photographers will have snapped the perfectly unique picture of a cup for your project.

Be inspired for future art and design work and see what the latest ceramic trends are by flicking through our vast albums of cup photos. The possibilities of how you might end up using your cup pictures are truly endless.

Our many cup photos are exceptionally versatile - that golden goblet you want to hang on your office wall could also fit into your upcoming presentation. We understand how easier life is when you don’t have as many hoops to jump through to get things done, so we offer all our renowned cup pictures free from royalties. That’s not all; our licenses are fairly priced so everyone - even those on a tight budget - will be able to find an affordable cup image.

Looking through our curated online albums is an absolute breeze and we’ve also simplified the ordering process making it even easier to purchase your chosen cup photo. EyeEm Market is the place to be for all your stock pictures of cups - join us in raising a glass to all our talented photographers who have helped make this happen!