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Celebrate the Goddess of all Animals with EyeEm’s Cow Photography

Ever since the beginning of time, the cow has been revered more than just about any other animal. From the Egyptian goddess Bat, and Damona, known among Gauls as the Divine Cow, to the white Indian cow Dhol, which carries the weight of the world on its horns, people have always had a special place for this animal in their hearts. Today, the talented team from EyeEm manages to capture the essence of this sacred animal in high-quality photographs.

What sets EyeEm apart from its competitors are its expertly curated collections which provide images from only the world's most creative photographers. Just browse through our exclusive albums and you can rest assured you will always find the ideal cow image for the editorial or commercial project you are working on. With our carefully crafted tools and fantastic filters, we manage to take cow photography to a new, much higher, level.

EyeEm is one of the largest communities for real photography and by becoming a member of our little family you not only gain access to multitude of amazing images, you also get the chance to share your unique vision. We strive to provide you with perfect conditions in which you will be able to develop your own artistic style. Through numerous exhibitions and partnerships you are bound to get much needed exposure and share your fresh ideas with the entire world.