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It’s Show Time with our Collection of Concert Pics on EyeEm Market, the Largest Source of Authentic, Royalty-Free Images

Concert photography captures the excitement and atmosphere before, during and after the performance, from the expectant faces of the crowd to the electricity radiating from the stage. From before the music starts until long after it has ended, amazing concert pictures showcase the unforgettable magic and energy of the whole event. Use a unique concert photo to tell whichever story you’re looking to share – browse EyeEm’s ever-changing albums of crazy concert pics and give your audience something to get excited about.

Whether it’s an interlude at the opera or waiting for the main act at a rock festival, concerts are about far more than just the music; they are vibrant events, alive with color, light and emotion, and perfect photo opportunities. From an intimate crowd to an army of thousands of dedicated fans, concerts bring people together to share and enjoy a common passion. With concert photos from EyeEm, you can do the same: Give your audience something they won’t forget!

With photographers back stage, on-stage and in every corner of the crowd uploading unique pics on a daily basis, EyeEm’s magical collection of concert images is sure to enliven and inspire. From mobile concert photography by young music lovers to professional snaps by die-hard fans, see the event from a new perspective and buy a piece of the action. Royalty-free and competitively priced, EyeEm’s licensing agreements are straightforward and easy to understand. Bringing your creative project to life and giving it the wow factor has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect concert picture to complete your side-project or website, or would just like some inspiration, let EyeEm be your warm-up act and we’ll help you take center stage.