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Nasty critters that hide in the dark: the EyeEm cockroach photo collection

Although not exactly loved by everyone, cockroaches can be fascinating if you catch them on film from the right angle. Look the intruder in the eye and zoom in: only the bravest can withstand the gaze of a cockroach and remain unfazed. Post your cockroach images on EyeEm and send chills down the spine of other platform users in a blink of a camera lens.

By joining the EyeEm community, you will be able to make use of 24 special filters and visual effects and experiment with different looks. Gathering together over 15 million avid users from around the globe, EyeEm aims to promote both professional and amateur camera-loving entomologists and allow their work to be evaluated by an appreciative audience. Our collection features over 60 million pictures organized into searchable categories, and in case you are too shy to share your own camera work, you will still be able to access the photos submitted by other community members, royalty-free.

Or perhaps your cockroach pic is next year's EyeEm contest winner? If you think your visual art is original enough, apply for our annual contest for the chance to win handsome prizes. Do not let inferior image quality bug you – with EyeEm processing software as your companion, every cockroach-themed photo you take will look like a work of art.