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City Pictures from São Paulo to Tokyo and Everywhere In-Between

When the Industrial Revolution brought people from rural areas into urban settings, society changed forever. Now, more than 200 years later, our cities are bustling hubs. This overhaul of how we live as a species has created some fascinating corners of the world. Our photographers document these incredible places in our city pictures. Whether it be a city photo of the Brandenburg Gate lit up at night in the heart of Germany’s capital, or the sun bouncing off the Hudson River below the Statue of Liberty in New York, EyeEm has what you’re looking for.

If your project needs an urban scene, then our city pictures are sure to be of service. Maybe it’s the captivating Hong Kong skyline that will suit your project, or city images of a swarm of commuters making their way to work in busy Manhattan - whatever it is, the city photography at EyeEm has a wealth of beautiful images to choose from.

At EyeEm, you pay a modest one-time fee for the licensing rights to the pictures of cities that work best for you and your project. If you need city stock photos for your website, or a city image for printing on merchandise, you need not worry about further payments down the line. So, you can choose city pictures from EyeEm Market, select the license that you need, then relax.

Our photographers take city pictures of the most interesting cities in the world. Find them captured in a unique manner that is thought provoking and beautiful at EyeEm.