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Add charm and charisma with EyeEm Market’s striking cigarette photography

The golden age of Hollywood cinema was full of dapper gents in crisp tuxedos and leading femme fatale’s oozing sophistication while smoking; now our EyeEm Market is giving you the chance to add some of that classic glamour to your life with our collection of demure cigarette images. Smoke swirls through our artistic cigarette photography creating a dramatic yet elegant vibe. Whether you’re hanging a contemporary cigarette image in your office or trying to bring a vintage ambiance to your home, you won’t be disappointed by our vast selection in our online photo albums.

Thanks to our international group of photographers, there’s so much cigarette photography to choose from. You might get lost in all the smoke from a European coffee break cigarette or one enjoyed during a casual dinner party - one thing’s for sure though, our collection of eclectic cigarette photos will really spoil you for choice.

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