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Take a stroll through Chicago via EyeEm - without leaving your bed

If you have never been to Chicago, now is the perfect time to pay this city a visit – without even leaving the comfort of your home! Thanks to EyeEm, tours of Chicago and other major world cities are right there, at the end of your fingertips – and if you have pics of Chicago you wish to share with others, you can do that too in a matter of clicks. With EyeEm as your favorite photography community, the world can be your oyster – and the best part is, you do not even have to leave your bed in order to see it!

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If you think your view of the world is original and inspiring and deserves recognition, you can enter our contests for the chance to win handsome awards. Photo editing and sharing becomes a piece of cake with EyeEm: join our community now and explore the world at its brightest and most beautiful.