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Build your Project on Strong Foundations with Castle Photography

From formidable fortresses to magnificent palaces, royal residences to castles built into caves and cliff faces, castle pictures are hugely popular with EyeEm users! Steeped in history, and fairytale in appearance, castles are buildings of magic and mystery, charm and intrigue. Our diverse collection is bursting with unique shots uploaded straight from historically-significant sights around the world, so if you’re looking for gloriously unique castle images, you’ve come to the right place!

With spellbinding images of chateaux, schlosses and castellos, EyeEm’s got the lot, and brick-by-brick we’re building the internet’s finest collection of castle photography. Whether it’s Disney’s iconic Cinderella Castle, Edinburgh’s historic fortress, or the crumbling ruins of an 1000-year old motte and bailey fortification, images of castles are guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention and help you leave a lasting legacy!

If you ever built sandcastles on the beach as a child, you’ll know how intriguing the beautiful and imposing structures can be at any age - creative and original castle pictures, however, are a far more stable option. In fact, browsing, ordering and using unique stock photography for your project has never been easier, and EyeEm’s collection is guaranteed to be more artistic than the rest, with imaginative perspectives from architecture and history fans from around the world.

Not only is our collection truly visionary, with powerful Open Edit software helping photographers to enhance their work, but our pictures of castles are competitively priced and royalty-free, making things quicker, cheaper and smarter for you. Whatever you may be working on, from web ads for your new venture to a journalistic print piece, or simply freshening up your existing promotional material, EyeEm will help you achieve your creative goals. Browse our majestic collection of castle photos today and be inspired!