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EyeEm takes on canvas paintings that captivate heart and mind

Once restricted mainly to canvas, visual art has now moved on to multimedia platforms: today everyone can be an artist and showcase their work before an appreciative audience, thanks to EyeEm. From canvases to touchscreens, images seem to be everywhere nowadays, and we like it that way – freedom of visual expression is limitless with EyeEm as your photography assistant. We join over 60 million users around the globe, and our community is growing fast for several reasons.

First off, our photography platform allows users to enhance their pictures before they share them with the community. In order to achieve perfect balance and contrast, you can make use of one of our 24 special filters and visual effects which will help conceal slight oversights that may have occurred during the photo shoot. Next, by joining the EyeEm community, you will get royalty-free access to stock compiled using images from the best visual masters within our membership, and you will also be able to download and print out pics you wish to include in your PowerPoint presentation or web design.

And, last but not least, if you feel confident about the quality of your photographs, you can enter them into contests and get the chance to win cool prizes. With EyeEm's visual tools, classical art can look great on canvas and smart screens alike.