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Candle Pictures, Photos and Images

From a single flicker to a glowing shrine in a temple, we’ve got the perfect candle picture to help your project shine brightly

We use candles in so many walks of life, so it’s no wonder our elegant candle pictures are so popular. Our great candle pics can help you add a relaxed atmosphere to your next project, whether it’s an inaugural editorial print, presentation for a sales pitch, or you just need to add some captivating photos to your work or living space.

Candles are used in every culture throughout the whole world; thanks to our extensive photographer community being based all around the world, they’re able to create a unique collection of candle photography - one which showcases all of the world’s best candle traditions. You won’t find such a wide variety of stock candle photos anywhere else online.

Keep your projects classy and refined with our elegant candle pictures.When you’ve found your perfect picture of a candle you don’t have to be worry about only using it the once; all our photography is completely royalty free so you can duplicate your pic wherever and whenever you want. And you won’t be scared off by any outrageous price tags - all of our licenses are competitively priced, meaning every budget will be able to discover their ideal candle photo.

Take some time to browse our curated candle photography albums and see our online community’s stunning array of candle pics.They’ll add light to all projects, however you choose to use them, and will come with all the unmissable benefits that come from ordering on our EyeEm Market.