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Creatives Alight on Butterfly Images

There are some patterns in nature that are unmistakable: a leopard’s spots, the Zebra’s zigzag. But among the tiniest creatures on earth, the Monarch’s black, orange and white speckled wings are iconic. Although they migrate annually from Canada to Mexico, EyeEm’s intrepid photographers capture stunning butterfly pictures for your menagerie. Whether in flight or nested in a flowerbed, these butterfly photos capture the Monarch’s wings and antennae with startling focus.

When you are looking for butterfly stock photos that whisper your project’s message, then EyeEm Market should be your first destination. Our photographers focus on playful and modern butterfly photography that reflects a young aesthetic. You’ll find powder-blue and soft yellow wings from a natural palette of pastels. A picture of a butterfly could accompany an inspiring fashion campaign, while another butterfly picture might inspire someone to invest in an environmental cause.

We have pictures of the butterfly you saw in the garden as a child, together with the butterfly pictures to color your brand pretty. Even in a flurry of wings, our community photographers produce distinctive work.

Our straightforward licenses are the perfect complement to a butterfly image. Our standard license gives you the flexibility to publish a picture across different media; including online, in print and even on TV. Opt for our extended commercial license when the scope of your campaign is exceptional. We can also give you exclusive rights to an image – or help you start a Mission that will motivate our community to come up with new work for you. EyeEm is where butterfly pictures perch.