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Buffalo Pictures, Photos and Images

If you wake up with echoes of that old folk song in your head, dreaming of deer and antelope roaming the prairie, then EyeEm’s photographs of majestic buffalo are for you. Whether you’re making a calendar that features the buffalo’s wide-set eyes and shaggy coat or designing a class presentation on the prairie food chain, let EyeEm help you find the perfect buffalo photo in our extensive archive of professional shots. EyeEm’s photographers have the experience, ability, and artistry to make you feel like you’re right there on the prairie, face-to-face with one of the American West’s most iconic creatures.

When it comes to original, artistic photographs, EyeEm’s team of experienced photographers are second to none. Each photograph you find in our archives is composed with an artist’s care, from a content buffalo munching his way across the prairie to a herd of wild buffalo on the move. We at EyeEm feel confident you’ll find something to love in our wide selection, and you can’t beat our royalty-free licensing fees when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.

So take the time to graze through our archives. We feel confident you’ll be impressed by EyeEm’s selection of high-quality nature photography. And if you’re in need of a different kind of photo, we hope you’ll contact EyeEm’s team of professional photographers to discuss your specifications in person. We’re happy to meet the needs of our customers by individualizing their orders and offering the best photos anywhere on the web. When it comes to crack shots, forget Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley - try EyeEm’s rootin’ tootin’ team of photographers on for size instead!