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Conveniently Curated Albums of the Best Box Images from EyeEm’s Skilled Photographers

Crates of fresh fruit and vegetables, unearthed treasure chests, and gift-wrapped presents; contents of boxes are as varied and diverse as our creative box photos. Open the lid to our albums full of box images, all of which have been carefully snapped by our international community of gifted and talented photographers.

Open the lid of EyeEm Market and add color to the workplace with box images showing off vibrant local produce. Alternatively why not display ornately detailed jewelry cases on the walls of your home. The mystery of what’s in a box can add intrigue to light-hearted presentations and school resources. Once you’ve seen all our wonderfully diverse box images, you’ll be full of ideas on how to put them to good use.

When you order a box image from us at EyeEm you’re not only buying a piece of creative artwork from our international photographers, but you’ll also be reaping the benefits of all our buyer-friendly policies. Our box photography is totally free from royalties, allowing you to display your photo wherever and whenever you like. And what’s more, our well-priced licenses create affordable photography accessible to everyone; even the smallest budgets have no reason to shy away from EyeEm!

Not only will you find an extensive range of versatile box photos in our albums, but we’ve also simplified the whole ordering process. In just a couple of clicks you’ll have purchased your ideal box image and will be ready to display it just as you had imagined.