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Vintage Tomes or Contemporary Journals: Choose Your Ideal Style of Book Image From Our EyeEm Market’s Curated Albums

A picture tells a thousand words and EyeEm’s amazing images of books set out to prove that proverb absolutely true. Fire up imaginations with pictures of books - spread them over classroom and college walls, add a touch of class to your living room, or use them to up the academic feel of all of your handouts or presentation materials. There’s so many ways to put your book picture to use, we’re sure you won’t go wrong with our unique images.

With a team of international photographers behind us, we at EyeEm Market know what makes a book picture ooze character; all of our internationally sourced images are testament to that. When you delve into our carefully selected albums of book pictures you’ll find yourself lost in the stories our photographers have created.

All of our pictures of books are totally free from royalties, so now you can bring as many characters and fanciful worlds out into your reality as you wish. There’ll be no wonderland too expensive as our variety of image licenses keeps most of our book photography affordable and accessible.

Our brilliant photographers have created a whole world of interweaving plots, characters, and readers waiting for you in our eclectic pictures of books on EyeEm Market. Head over to EyeEm now to see for yourself all the volumes of book photography we’ve collected together. And seeing as you’re browsing photos, this time it’s perfectly fine to judge a book by its cover.