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Isola Polvese, Umbria | 5
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Hair Blue Hand Monochrome

Take a Step in the Right Direction with Body Images from EyeEm

Throughout history, bodies have played a significant role in art and design, and it’s no different today - from sporting prowess to fashion industry ideals, bodies are a constant focus of the visuals we see on a daily basis. However, if you’re looking for a more candid and genuine body image for your own project, finding the right one can be tough. Thankfully, EyeEm makes the search for creative and unique body photography easier and more straightforward than ever before!

Whether it’s a gymnast or a soldier, a pole-vaulting Olympian or a model on the runway, bodies continue to amaze and inspire us. Body pictures capture the muscles at work and the figure in motion, allowing the audience to see their own bodies and its capabilities in a new light. This makes body images perfect for your web ads or print editorial, social media accounts or website visuals - channel your inner Michelangelo with body pics from EyeEm!

EyeEm’s unparalleled collection of body images is nourished daily, thanks to our global community of photography fans. Editing their work using our powerful Open Edit software and sharing it using the EyeEm app, their pieces are available for you to browse, order and use time and time again! With straightforward license options, connecting your brand with emerging photographers and getting your hands on original body pictures has never been easier!

Whether you’d like flexible access to an image of a contortionist or a shot of an athlete in action to make a powerful impact, there’s nobody quite like EyeEm. Whatever your creative needs, browse our collections of body pictures today and be sure that you’re heading in the right direction!