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Bloody Mary Pictures, Photos and Images


Bloody Mary Pictures, Photos and Images

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Whether you’re building a picture-perfect cocktails menu or enticing your friends over for a lengthy nosh this weekend, nothing says “brunch” quite like a Bloody Mary. They’re a little bit tangy, a little bit spicy - and when you add an interesting garnish like bacon or olives, they’re plain Bloody Mary heaven. Hopefully looking at EyeEm’s extensive selection of professionally composed cocktail photos has you dreaming about mixing your own batch of Bloody Marys right now!

If you work in food service, marketing, or the business of throwing a good party, EyeEm has a team of experienced photographers who can help you with your next big project. When you choose EyeEm for your photography needs, you can rest assured that our professional photographers are working hard to capture every bead of condensation on that picture-perfect Bloody Mary glass. With thousands of photos to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the photo of a Bloody Mary that fits your needs. If that doesn’t give you a little buzz of happiness, then wait until you sample our royalty-free licensing fees. We’ll have you floating on air!

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