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With each dancer’s graceful pirouette, each leap into a partner’s arms, ballet has the power to capture our imagination and inspire in us everything that is powerful and elegant. Whether you’re in need of a high-quality photograph of an individual dancer or a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what makes a ballet company tick, EyeEm can provide you with a diverse selection of photographs to meet your specifications. Our professional photographers know exactly how to capture a ballerina in mid flight or a troupe waiting off-stage in the wings.

When it comes to finding the right combination of artistry and precision in dance photography, EyeEm’s professional photographers have an eye for flair. Not only do our photographers approach their work with the unique insight of artists, but EyeEm’s team also has the versatility and skill to capture dance in motion. Every day, EyeEm’s photographers produce high-quality images that will make you feel like you’re in the audience giving a ballet dancer an enthusiastic encore. Whether you need an image for a calendar or the web, rest easy with EyeEm’s royalty-free services, so you can put the art of ballet center stage in your project.

Take a look through EyeEm’s extensive archive of dance photography, or contact us if you’d like to customize an order of one-of-a-kind images. Our knowledgeable team of photographers will deliver the perfect set of photos, whether you’re looking for a new spin on images of classically trained ballerinas, or an elegant pas-de-deux in action. Whatever your project need might be, EyeEm’s ability to personalize each customer’s order is guaranteed to make you jump to your feet and shout Brava!

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