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Bold takes on the bald eagle with EyeEm

One of America's most beloved birds, the bald eagle is a highly prized photography subject for many a camera-lover. Formidable and captivating, images of bald eagles are free here at EyeEm: our collection features the world's finest images of both eagles and other wild predators, all of which you can access royalty-free to download for your PowerPoint presentation, website or patriotic office decorations. And, if you have photo stock you wish to share with the world, go ahead and post it on our platform: we will provide the amount of exposure your work needs to succeed.

But that is not all: with EyeEm membership, you will also be able to make use of a host of special effects and filters to further enhance your images. Our satisfied users (15 million and counting) love to compete, so we regularly organize contests. If your image makes it to the top of the pile, you can win handsome prizes. Just like the bald eagle, you can fly high with EyeEm – only the brave and daring can hope to survive in the photography world.

Explore the world and all its variety with EyeEm. With our tools at your disposal, every photo you take can be a masterpiece.