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If you’ve got a tropical vacation on your mind, EyeEm’s wide selection of photos featuring the white sandy beaches and glittering turquoise waters of the Bahamas will add fuel to your fire. Avoid the tired images that crop up in a regular Internet search, and take some time to peruse our professional shots of all the sand and surf the Bahamas have to offer. When you choose EyeEm’s photos, you’ll feel like you’re the one scuba diving with tropical fish in the Atlantic or lounging in the shade of a swaying palm tree.

How can our team of professional photographers make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a picture and onto a beach? For starters, EyeEm’s photographers take their work seriously, approaching each photo with the care of true artists. With years of dedicated experience at their disposal, EyeEm’s photographers produce thousands of images perfect for calendars, websites, or that personal reminder to your spouse that it’s time to book your plane ticket and reserve a spot for two at a resort in the Bahamas. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about royalty fees when you choose an EyeEm image.

Let EyeEm take you on vacation! Whether you like what you see in our archives--and when it comes to pictures of the Bahamas, who wouldn’t?--or if you need help customizing an order, EyeEm is here to serve. Strike up a conversation with our team about your specific needs, and we’ll deliver high-quality photos perfect for your travel blog or magazine photo spread. We might not be able to put a tropical drink in your hand, but using EyeEm’s customized services is guaranteed to help all that stress and anxiety about your next deadline melt away.