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Baby Pictures, Photos and Images

Here at EyeEm we’ve Captured Adorable Baby Photos to Document the Beginning of the Human Journey

We didn’t think it was possible to make a cute baby any more lovable… and then we saw all the baby pics our photographers have been shooting. Adorable bundles of joy have been photographed by the camera to detail the first couple of years of life - from month old newborns to older babies on the verge of toddlerhood, our diverse baby images have showcased babies at each major milestone. Our baby stock photos capture all the special moments, a baby’s first steps, first smile, and first birthdays are crucial milestones that have been snapped by our talented community of photographers in their charming collection of baby photography.

Baby photos are useful in schools - use them as a visual key in biology or language classes - and can add a touch of warmth to workspaces and editorial projects. For emotive touches to your work, you can’t go wrong with our baby pictures at EyeEm; we’re sure they’ll take pride of place however you decide to use them.

Once you’re the new owner of your very own baby photo, you’ll want to keep on showing it off just like an extremely proud parent. And thanks to our fabulous royalty-free policy you can do exactly that. Once you’ve decided on one of our very well-priced licenses, it’ll only take a few minutes to get through our ordering process, and our EyeEm stork will be delivering its baby image to you in no time at all

So for baby pics you’ll go gaga over, check out all our beautiful baby photography in our curated albums on EyeEm Market.