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Preserve army memories with EyeEm tools

Army is not always all-out drudgery: occasionally, moments of fun, laughter and bonding between comrades take place. When these occur, snap away and preserve the memories forever. EyeEm helps you to do precisely that: featuring 24 cool filters and effects to visually enhance your images, our photo-oriented platform allows you to share your fondest army memories with the rest of the world. Even if you are too shy to put your work out there in plain sight of everyone, you can still access the images posted by others and download them free of charge.

Connecting more than 15 million users from all across the globe, EyeEm aims to promote both experienced and amateur photographers alike and make it possible for their photos to appear in exhibitions. Featuring more than 60 million pictures divided into searchable categories, EyeEm is the best place to start sharing your visual masterpieces. If you are creative enough, you can even take part in competitions and try to win one of our handsome prizes – after which you can share the photography-award-winning glory with your army mates.

Just like being in the army, superior photography demands focus, commitment and hard work – but the results can be outstanding if you are not afraid to pull up your sleeves, and keep shooting and experimenting with different perspectives. Join EyeEm today and start shooting!