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If you have ever been to Alaska, you will know just how picturesque the landscape and wildlife can be. If you have not been to this fascinating state yet, you can get a pretty good idea of the scenery and mood there with EyeEm. Featuring top of the crop pictures of Alaska and other intriguing parts of the world, our photo-oriented platform aims to promote the work of both amateur and professional photographers – and it has just the right set of tools to do this, too!

Browse through EyeEm's extensive image stock for refreshing takes on Alaska, or add your own pictures of this stunning land the next time you pay a visit to the state. The EyeEm community brings together over 15 million avid users around the globe, so each and every one of your visual masterpieces is bound to get the proper exposure and admiration it deserves.

To enhance your pictures before you are ready to share them with the rest of the world, use one of our 24 cool filters and effects to experiment with the form. If you consider your images authentic and inspiring, you can also enter them into competitions for the chance to win cool prizes! With EyeEm as your photography companion, Alaska will always look like a work of art.